Each sister bought a gift for their mom. Maggie spent 3 times as much as Karen. Karen spent half as much as Jasmine. Altogether, they spent $60. Then, solve your equation to determine how much each sister spent on their gift.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Maggie spent =30Karen spent = 10Jasmine spent =20Step-by-step explanation:In this we use algebra to solve.we give the sisters unknowns, to help us solve the equation.we dont know how much jasmine used so we give her the unknown x.you can use any letter but ill us x.karen used half as much as karen so we give her 1/2x because it was half of jasmine.maggie used 3 times that of karen so w give her 3(1/2x).maggie =3(1/2x)Karen =1/2xjasmine =x3(1/2x) + 1/2x + x = 603/2x + 1/2x + x = 602x + x = 603x=60x=20where we have x =we replace with 20e.g karen 1/2x => 1/2 x 20 =10if you need any clarifications please do tell me in the comment section.i would like to help more if you need help.thx      Hope this helps and if it does mark as branliest anwer thx