"Suppose that Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer are playing a tennis match in which the first player to win three sets wins the match. Using D and F for the winning player of a set, in how many ways could this tennis match end

Accepted Solution

Answer: it could end in 20 different ways.Step-by-step explanation:This match could be 3x0 D or F3x1 D or F3x2 D or FFor 3x0We have 2 options: DDD or FFF2.P₁ = 2.1 = 2For 3x1We have 6 optionsDFDD         FDFFDDFD         FFDF    FDDD         DFFF2.3.1 = 6For 3x2we have 12 options:DFDFD          FDFDFDDFFD          FFDDFDFFDD          FDDFFFFDDD          DDFFFFDFDD          DFDFFFDDFD          DFFDF2.3.2 = 12In total we could have 20 outcomes.