Drag each tile to the correct box. Not all tiles will be used.Chris plans to mulch the border surrounding a rectangular garden in his backyard. If the length, l, of the garden (excluding its border) is 3 more than twice its width, w, and the width of the border is 1/4 w, which function represents the area, A, to be mulched in terms of w?

Accepted Solution

Length (L): 2w + 3width (w): wborder (b): [tex]\frac{1}{4} w[/tex]Area (A) = (L + b) * (w + b)   NOTE: This is assuming the width also has a border               = (2w + 3 + [tex]\frac{1}{4} w[/tex]) * (w + [tex]\frac{1}{4} w[/tex])               = [tex](2\frac{1}{4} w + 3)[/tex][tex](1\frac{1}{4} w)[/tex]               = [tex](\frac{9}{4} w + 3)[/tex][tex](\frac{5}{4} w)[/tex]               = [tex]\frac{45}{16} w^2 + \frac{15}{4}w[/tex]